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Our Revision Policy

The policies mentioned below are constructed by Writing Services to inform their clients about their revision rules and regulations. Since we are a team of experts and professionals in the academic writing industry, we advise you to proceed with the service when you have understood and agreed to the terms we have put forward.

Discontinue usage of our service if you find anything unacceptable to your requirements and demands.

  • By placing an order, we accept that you have agreed to all the stated policies.
  • When placing the order, make sure you provide us with complete instructions and related documents before the time of order placement; otherwise, the company will not be responsible for inconveniences.
  • If your appeal of revision does not match your initial instructions, your order will not stand legible for review.
  • The period to submit your request for revision and approve it varies on the deadline of your order. For instance,
    1. a) If your order is urgent, the submission period for review is 3 days
    2. b) Orders with a deadline less than 14 days will be entertained for revision within 7 days
    3. c) If your orders have a deadline of 14 days or more, they can be submitted for review within 15-20 days
  • Any request for revision after the mentioned date(s) will be rejected. If you do not approve it yourself, the system will automatically validate your paper after 14 days.
  • Please acknowledge that we will accept your paper for revision only if negligence falls on our side of the service.
  • Any instruction or detail that was not mentioned earlier will not be followed during the revision session.
  • Any additional changes in the order apart from the revision will be charged separately.
  • If you’re not satisfied with the service, request another reviewer or demand a refund. Check our refund policy.
  • Owing to our authority of the service, we can amend, review, restate, or cancel any policy at any time. Regular user discretion and review of policies is advised.

Contact Us

We want your convenience, which is why you can let us know about your concerns about this policy by calling us, emailing, or visiting our website. We’d appreciate your feedback!

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